Powerhouse has 6 spacious rehearsal rooms fitted with everything you need to practice efficiently, loudly and comfortably. 

Rehearsing at Powerhouse

At Powerhouse we are known for and take pride in our customer service and our knowledge of music equipment. Each room comes with all the supplies you’ll need, plus an experienced engineer to assist you.

PA System

Every room comes with a fully functioning PA system, a mixing desk and spatial effects.


Each room also comes with 2x Microphones as standard, along with XLR cables.


We have an extensive backline of Amplifiers including combos and heads/cabs for both Guitar and Bass.


Each room comes with a shell package: Kick, Toms, Hi-Hat and Cymbal Stands.


General Info

Find one of our members of staff in the office, if they haven’t already greeted you in your room. They will help you get setup. Please do not attempt to turn on the PA system by yourself!

Facing the building if possible. If you’re struggling, then find a member of staff and they’ll show you where you can park.

Extra microphones and cables are an additional £2.50 on top of your booking fee. Our Drum Breakable package is an additional £5.00. 

Enquire about any other equipment you may need, we might just have it!

On-site we have a break room, kitchen, toilet and patio area.

We are happy for customers to pay before, during or after their rehearsal. We accept both card and cash. If you’ve already paid online then this doesn’t apply to you.

If your booking has been made within a month of the booking date then any cancellations within 48 hours of your booking will require you to pay for the session. However, if you created this booking online, then canclled outside of the 48 hour policy, then you are subject to a 20% deposit, which we would require upon cancellation.

If you have booked more than a month in advance then you are subject to a 30% cancellation fee, regardless of how you booked, if you cancel within a month of the booking date.

For any further questions please ask us!

Room 6

9M x 8M  

Min 4 hour booking for £70

£17.50 per hour extra


Room 5

7M x 5.5M  

Min 3 hour booking for £50

£15 per hour extra

Room 4

4.5m x 3.5M  

Min 3 hour booking for £35

£40 For 4 Hours

£10 per hour extra

Room 3

5 x 5M  

Min 3 hour booking for £40

£10 per hour extra

Room 2

5M x 5M  

Min 3 hour booking for £40

£10 per hour extra


Room 1

9M x 5.5M  

Min 4 hour booking for £60

£15 per hour extra

Further Information

If you have not yet found the information you are looking for please contact us